Udemy Requires Better Tech

In my last few posts, I talked about my struggles with technology. My first issue was my screen captures were pixilated. My second was that my sound wasn’t good. Okay, Okay, I was using a cheap headset! So to solve the problem, I bought a Snowball from Amazon. You can see it pictured below.

61cDPV81l1L._SL1500_In addition, I got a pop screen.

This solved the problem, and for not a ton of money!


Social Email Hack List Special Tomorrow

Tomorrow, August 19, I’m launching my new product, Social Email Hack. There’s on upsell to this, Conversions Maximizer. I’ll be sending my list a link where they can get both for a whopping 75% off the retail price! Watch this video for a full explanation!

Why Udemy’s Standards Of Quality Are A Good Thing!

Have you noticed a flurry of info products coming out about how to “kill it” on Udemy? I have. At first I was worried that just as yours truly got in, I’d be competing with a whole flotilla of new competition. Then I realized a couple of things.

  1. Competition is good online. It helps widen and deepen the audience
  2. Udemy has a pretty steep barrier of entry

Let’s talk about that second part for a few minutes.

I have built an entire info marketing business with very little technology. Sure, I have a computer (off the shelf laptop) and an internet connection, but that’s it! No fancy nothing!

Frankly, I wanted it that way. Although there are some things I’d do differently in my business if I had to do it over again, for me the low tech part was done right. My whole schtick is teaching people how to make either extra money or a full time living using either the internet or networking. Low tech is the way to go, for me, because I reach a broader audience.

Udemy, however, has a technical aspect to it that’s beyond what I normally do.

My first hurdle was the quality of my videos, of the image. I was basically making my videos too small, so they lost quality when they were blown up bigger on the Udemy platform. I fixed that by making sure that I was taking full screen videos and not just screen shots of smaller windows. Also, I fixed that by buying Camtasia. $300 or so.

My next hurdle has been sound.

I have crappy sound! For a while I futzed around with my crappy headset from Office Depot. Not hating on Office Depot, btw. Just letting you know what I’m talking about. The headset is fine for normal stuff like skype conversations, but it just won’t do for Udemy.

After having seven videos rejected, I had to bite the bullet and buy a real microphone.

I just ordered this kit from Amazon.


This has everything I need, mic, pop screen, I even sprang for the studio quality headset. Also comes with a USB cord.

You can see it on Amazon, here.

(Yes, that’s an affiliate link. If I’m an affiliate of something I always use my affiliate link.)

So, this kit cost me about $180. With that, I’ll have nearly $500 invested into this venture.

Oh well, Mr. El Cheapo can’t last forever! :)

But, I do see this as a positive. $500 is a nice barrier of entry for a lot of folks. Not many will spend that on a whim. I like that! Keeps the riff raff out and the quality up!


Facebook Has Been Deceiving You!

If you do any kind of Facebook advertising, or if you plan to listen up!

Facebook has been deceiving you.

Here’s why.

Paid advertising works best when you can focus on a small market place. Say, people who live in Atlanta, Ga, who like Cheese and Wine.

If you ran an ad campaign for a business, a high end catering company or something, you’d want this level of control. There’s no sense in people in Denver seeing your ads, right?

But here’s the deal. When you’re targeting these various interests and locations when you set up your Facebook ad, you’re not going to get Atlanta, Ga AND Likes Cheese AND Likes Wine.

You’ll get Atlanta, Ga OR Likes Cheese OR Likes Wine.

Do you see the difference?

How will that difference express itself in your ad campaign?

Well, for one thing, your click through rate will be a lot lower (as in massively lower) and that will result in your cost per click being higher.

There’s a solution, though. And, it’s this!

This is an amazing piece of software called Social Interest Freak. It’s by a friend of mine, Ali Gadit. It runs on Adobe Air and is compatible for both Windows and Mac.

social interest freak

You might remember the previous incarnation of this software called Social Lead Freak. Thousands of people bought Social Lead Freak, and it worked great, until Facebook decided to change their API so that you could no longer pull user ID’s from Facebook groups, etc. (How Lead Freak worked.)

A lot of people made a lot of money both for themselves and clients using Social Lead Freak.

Social Interest Freak is a new and improved version. It’s totally kosher with Facebook, works through their API. And, although it works differently, it will give you the same level of control that Lead Freak gave you.

Okay, I know I said a ton about this, how about a very clear show and tell video?

Just click this link to watch Ali explain how Social Interest Freak works!

Steve’s Personal Branding Udemy Course Is Launched!

As you might know, Steve Rosenbaum and I have been supporting each other in our quest to create a real presence on Udemy. Steve started working on his first course about two weeks ago. Me about a week ago.

Well, Steve’s course has launched, and in just a few days he’s got over 1000 students! Steve’s course is called: Command Big Bucks: Personal Branding & Status Growth Hacks.

Cool topic, right?

I did an interview with Steve about this whole thing. Look below to see the interview.

Also, Steve was generous enough to give us a coupon, which will save you quite a bit on the course. Click this next link to see the full description of Steve’s course, and also get it for a massive discount!

Click Here To See More About Steve’s Course!

LinkedIn Lead & Sales Factory: How They Work Together

I’ve had so many people ask me about how LinkedIn Sales Factory should be used with LinkedIn Lead Factory that I shot a video showing you how to use both pieces of software to basically run your whole LinkedIn account on autopilot.

The video is below. After you watch use these two links to purchase LinkedIn Lead Factory and Sales Factory.

LinkedIn Lead Factory

LinkedIn Sales Factory

How To Find Your Status Updates On LinkedIn

We used to be able to find our past updates. Then LinkedIn removed that capability. As you can imagine, a lot of people were unhappy with that. Now the capability seems to be back. I shot a quick video for you to show you where your status updates are. Enjoy! Also, leave me a comment.

LinkedIn Legion Of Leads Review

Lee Nazal has just released LinkedIn Legion Of Leads. To begin with, I love anything that has to do with LinkedIn. For business, it’s my favorite social media platform.

Here’s my take on Lee’s product.

1. It’s video based. I like that.

2. It’s complete. And, it’s newbie friendly.

3. It’s a method that actually will work.

Click Here To Watch Lee’s Video About LinkedIn Legion Of Leads!

There’s nothing I didn’t like about this. Having said that, if you already understand how LinkedIn works, and you’re actually using it for your business, then I suppose you might not need this particular training. Just being honest here.

Click Here To Purchase LinkedIn Legion Of Leads!

Check out my video walk through of the members area to see if this is something you need.

My Test Video Was Rejected!

Well, I heard back about my first test video that I sent in to Udemy. Rejected! That’s actually good!

One of the big things I love about Udemy is their insistence on quality. Quality content. Quality presentation. I thought I would get rejected on sound, but nope, that wasn’t it. I got rejected on picture quality.

I had been using Snagit to do my screen captures with. Apparently, Snagit won’t capture the image in high enough definition. Udemy suggested I use either Camtasia or Debut. I opted for Debut because it was about 10x less than Camtasia. I don’t need anything fancy. Just the basics. Unlike Snagit, Debut let’s me change the capture frame rate. It defaults to 30. I’ll up that to the max, 60. It will make the files longer, but that’s Udemy’s problem not mine.

So, once I get a few things done on my outline, I’ll start shooting videos again. I’ll get one shot, a power point style, and send that in either today or tomorrow.