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My New, Cutting Edge Periscope Training, Just Launched, 72 Hour Sale!

Just launched some uber cool new training about the new live streaming platform, Periscope!

In case you haven’t heard, live streaming is exactly what all the forward thinking marketers are doing, and Periscope makes it brain dead easy to do.

I jumped in just a while ago, yet I’ve gotten close to 1k views on my scopes (Periscope lingo for a live stream video).


That’s one thousand people who didn’t even know I existed!

Not only that, but I’ve gotten massive engagement. I’ve watched my own social media accounts swell in followers. My email list is growing fast. And…And…I’ve already made money!

I’m so excited about Periscope and I think it’s so important that I tabled a couple of other projects I was working on so I could get this info to you.

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When I got into scopes, I studied what the master marketers were doing. Sort of backward engineered them. Next, I took what I learned and started doing it myself.

As you can see, my results were phenomenal, and are only getting better.

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Right now, I’ve got a 72 hour sale going on on my new report. It’s called “Up Periscope!”, and you can learn all about it by clicking one of these links.

Couple more things.

People always ask about equipment they need and otos.

Fair questions! Let me go ahead and answer those.

All you need to do this is the free Periscope app on your iphone or your android. You do this from a smart phone, not a computer.

There is one OTO. I’m having live streamed training for those who want it in two weeks. We’re going to tear this thing apart. When you’re done with my training, you’ll be a Periscope ninja just like me!

You’ll see the OTO page upon check out.

I’m the only person I know so far who is offering this level of training on Periscope for these prices. Just saying! 😉


Instant Video Machine Deluxe Walk Through

Instant Video Machine is a complete, done for you video agency in a box. You get a website, live actor videos to sell, complete instructions, even access to the outsourcers who made the videos so you can easily customize them for your clients.

This goes live at midnight, October 1, 2015.

Here’s a quick walk through I did of the sales letter so you can see exactly what you’re getting!

Daily Business Scope : Enjoy Yourself!

One of the main ways I decide if I’m doing the right thing, going down the right path, is the level of personal enjoyment I get. You see, I don’t believe life needs to be that hard! Watch this scope as I talk about this topic.

Want To Know More About Periscope? Check Out This Interview Of Me And Donna Merrill!

I’m rocking Periscope! And, I’m getting major traction out of it. If you want to know more about what it is and how I’m using it, check out this really cool interview that Delilah Taylor did of me and Donna Merrill!

Here’s the interview!