Email Marketing Is Not Dead!

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If you thought email marketing was dead, you need to watch this video! It’s not dead at all, but very much alive! As a matter of fact, for virtually every business I know of, emailĀ  marketing is the cornerstone, or could be the cornerstone, of their online marketing efforts.

Watch this quick video I shot about why email marketing is just as important to your business today as it was a couple of years ago…even more!


Covert PBN Secrets

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Covert PBN Secrets is all about how we build and use PBN’s (Private Blog Networks) in our own businesses to rank web pages.

You might have thought the days of ranking websites without a huge SEO budget were over with…Not So!

Our own Mike Jones is an expert at this. He’s got many, many sites ranked for some very competitive, money making keywords that feed into his and his clients’ offline businesses.

What Mike uses is a thing called a Private Blog Network.

Now…this has nothing to do with the public networks you heard about a year or so ago. This is an entirely different thing. Basically, you build these (easy and quick) then you use them just to rank your own stuff, or a dedicated client’s stuff.

Right now, we have this available for sale just to our past customers. There’s a timer on the sales page, and when that runs out, we pull the product. Just fair warning!

Click Here To Buy And/Or Learn More!

Building A Platform!

If you’re online and you’re not building a platform…well…let’s just say, you’re missing the boat!

What is a platform?

It’s essentially you, your brand, what you stand for, what you sell, what good and benefit you bring to the world…splattered all over the Internet!

On your blog! On YouTube! On Facebook, Twitter, and G+…Everywhere!

No matter if you’re just getting traffic back to your blog, or selling a tightly focused series of products (software as a service, for instance), building a platform is tantamount to creating a traffic generating machine that will send you traffic (and pay you money) year after year after year!

Last month, I created a course all about the process of doing this. It’s called Attraction Marketing. I’ve got it on special for 50% off through Monday, February 24th, midnight Eastern time.

The Economy, Globalization, The Internet, and You!

Right now, there are 1 in 6 work able men in the United States who are out of work! Of course, there’s “the economy”, but the problem is actually bigger and more long lasting than that. Basically, it’s not that someone moved the cheese. The cheese is gone, baby! Gone! So, what do you do to protect yourself and your family? To strive! To achieve? Look at this video and see…