Instant LinkedIn Consultant Results

So, I did a little experiment with our new software, Instant LinkedIn Consultant. I ran it for the first time on one of my accounts. I set it up to sent out 50 connect requests. Went to the store. Ate supper. Then came back.

Here’s a video walk through of what I saw! This thing flat out works…even when I’m not working!

Our New Training, Instant Product Empire, Is Launching!

Sent you a link to a hangout that Gloria Gunn and I did yesterday. It was all about our new product, Instant Product Empire.

This is launching right now, and you’re the first to hear about it!

Basically, let’s cut through the “bull”.

If you want to spend the rest of your life chasing pipe dreams, shinny objects, and “Money for nuthin’, and your chicks for free,” to quote the band Dire Straits, be my guest.

You’re on your own path, and I actually honor that.

If, however, you want to get the inside skinny on how to create a real business (in not too much time, too), then you’ll want to pay very close attention to Instant Product Empire.

Here’s the deal…

About four years ago, I was searching for another income stream. I had created a few products before that and sold them on the WarriorForum. They didn’t bomb outright, but they didn’t exactly catch fire, either. (What was funny though, was every time a product sold, my phone would beep when it received the email generated by PayPal.)

One day when I was sitting out on the back porch brainstorming my wife happened by and just asked why I didn’t “do that thing that made my phone beep,” again.

Well, I actually listened to her. And…hundreds of thousands of dollars later, here I am with a nice income and a real business that anyone would envy!

With my friend and colleague Gloria Gunn’s help, we’ve distilled my method of creating and selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products…MAKE SURE YOU GET THIS NEXT PART!…in niches I personally know very little about.

Yep, you read that right!

I’m not the expert. I just have the system to sell this stuff. And, I’ve made a massive amount of money all piggy backed on other partners who were the experts.

Our new training, Instant Product Empire, is going to show you how I do this! With this training, you’ll be able to do this too!

Here’s what you need to do next…

Just click one of these links and continue reading about what this is and why you might really consider getting it and actually using it to create a real income.


Just keep doing what you’ve been doing.

Video Ads Crash Course Review

video ads crash course review

Check out my video walk through of the members area of Video Ads Crash Course.

This is a really great course, about a very hot topic!

Click Here To Buy And?Or Read The Sales Letter!

Local Lead Examiner Webinar Registration

Just Click Here To Register For The FREE Walk Through Webinar!

Step 1: Look at the walk through video below!

Step 2: Register for the webinar, Wednesday, September 24th, 10am eastern!

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My Favorite Client Getting Method Is Now On Autopilot!

wave audit

Offline is literally the easiest way to make big money with internet marketing…Except
for one small detail. Getting someone to pay you!

There are more businesses out there who need what we offer than you can get to in a
lifetime. The only issue is getting them interested in what you have to sell so that
they pull out their check book and cut you a check.

One of my favorite methods of attracting new clients is by doing audits. You can do
these for free as a way to advertise or even get paid to do them.

What’s even better is now you can do audits on autopilot using this cool software
called Wave Audit System.

This thing is “bad to the bone” and will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Right now, it’s for sale at a low VIP discount.

If you need more clients, you’ll want to check this out right now!

Software Creates Review Videos Instantly…Earn Up To $882 PER VIDEO PER MONTH! :)

tube genie

This is about as automated as it gets!

This is some really cool software that blasts out review videos in seconds. No facing the camera. No recording your voice. Everything done for you!

It’s easier to watch a demo than for me to tell you about it! To do so, just click one of these links!

This is a killer way to create large YouTube channels that will spew money on autopilot for virtually any type of product…your own or as an affiliate!

Not sure how long this is going to be for sale, so act now!

Freshsentation Review

Alright! I get it! “Freshsentation” is a really goofy name. Having said that…it’s a good product at a great value!

The cart opens on this today at 10am eastern!

Click here to buy!

Here’s my video review!

freshsentation image


How Gloria Landed A $29,000 Client…FREE Hangout Interview!

Watch this hangout interview to see how my friend and colleague, Gloria Gunn, landed a $29,000 client from a network meeting. (The sounds a little shaky. So, turn up your speakers!)

Click Here to learn more about our new course, 6-Figure Networking!


AppTrafficUnleashed | App Traffic Unleashed Review

AppTrafficUnleashed is a really killer course all about how to take mobile traffic and turn that into blistering hot leads for any kind of business…on or offline. This is launching tomorrow (June 10th) at 10am eastern. I’ll have a link here at that time.

In the meantime take a look at my video walk through.

Click Here To Get AppTrafficUnleashed!

Case Study…318% ROI On Facebook Ads. (Newbie Friendly!)

Early on, I was actually very hesitant to dive into the world of
Facebook ads. Fortunately for me, I have a good friend, who’s a
Facebook ad “guru”, Ryan Shaw. Ryan hooked me up and showed me
exactly how he runs ads to get insane ROI’s.

So, I was really excited this weekend, when I talked with Ryan about
his new, ultra targeted lead formula. He’s got an entire system,
which is so brain-dead easy to use, and gets such great results,
that it’s hard to goof up…even for me!

He’s calling this system, FB Ads Formula.

FB Ads Formula gets your ads in front of your perfect audience, or
even a particular individual, without spending more than a few

This is a serious game changer for anyone who wants to grow their
business with very inexpensive, highly targeted Facebook ads.

Ryan’s a great teacher! He shows real case study examples of how
this system has worked for him…and how it can work for you.
If you want low cost, high quality traffic, this is not to be