How To Create Perpetual Traffic With Twitter

Cover croppedWe recently launched our artificially intelligent software, Twitter Envy. Twitter Envy basically clones Twitter accounts. So, you can target someone else’s account and use Twitter Envy to, over time, get a lot of the followers of the target account to follow you. Once they’re following you, you can market to them with a variety of means. I’ll put links to everything below, so you can learn more are you read.

So, with Twitter Envy, you can create accounts with followers who are very targeted in a given niche. As an example, let’s say you do business consulting. How would you like to have a very large percentage of the followers of a given city’s Chamber of Commerce Twitter account follow you? I’m assuming you would!

Or…if you’re doing affiliate marketing, you can do the same thing. Let’s say you’re in the muscle building niche. How about over time building an account out of the followers of Yeah…that would be pretty sweet!

Here’s an example of an account that’s probably not even 2 weeks old!

Lee Cole Internet Marketing Screen Shot

I’ve already got close to 600 followers from this account. Now, from my tweets to that account I’ve made $32 and gotten 30 some odd people signed up to my email list.

It gets even better! My entire system is run completely on autopilot! The following. The unfollowing. The tweeting of content. The tweeting of “money tweets” (those that result in sign ups to my email list or of sales of products).



Okay, let’s break this down.


Daily Following, Unfollowing

The first thing I do is run Twitter Envy daily.


Twitter Envy has a continuous mode. You click that and it runs daily at random times. This way it builds your account on autopilot.

So, that takes care of following and unfollowing. And…it’s set and forget!



The next thing I do is tweet content several times per day to that account. Of course, I do this with software. There are a few platforms that do this. HootSuite, TweetAdr, and a few others. I like my own software, Social Post Magic, because it doesn’t leave a footprint like Hootsuite does, and unlike TweetAdr, it can autopost content to Facebook, G+, and LInkedIn too!

Here’s a pic of my set up for Social Post Magic.

tweets from spm

As you can see from the screen shot, Social Post Magic is tweeting 10x per day. Those tweets are all content though. In addition to the content tweets, I have to have “money” tweets. Tweets with links that go to sales letters or squeeze pages.


Money Tweets

So, to do that, I run another instance of Social Post Magic. All this one does is tweet two money tweets per day. This is all randomized and looks very natural, btw!

Here’s a picture of that set up:

tweets from spm for money shots

The bottom line result is this…I’ve got software building my account. Software tweeting content to the account. And, software tweeting tweets that result in me making money.

In other words, what I’ve described to you is a perpetual traffic/money machine. It’s set and forget. I build one. Tweak it. Build another. Tweak that one. Etc.

You can do this too! You can set up as many of these things as you want. (Within the confines of what your licensing says. Our licenses for our software are for two machines.)

So, what do you need to get this rolling?

1. You need a Twitter account.

2. You need something to sell. (Think ClickBank, JVZoo, Amazon. Or heck do this for your local business owner and charge them big bucks.)

3. If you’re smart, you’ll build a list. I use LeadPages for that.

3. You need Twitter Envy if you don’t already have it.

4. I personally use Social Post Magic for my automated content posting.

5. Run Twitter Envy on continuous mode 24/7. Run one instance of Social Post Magic for your content tweets, and a second instance for your money tweets.

Build one, tweak it, get subscribers and sales. Build another, tweak it. Build another…Retire! ;)

One more thing…you might not think that making $30 and getting a few emails over a week or so is that big of a deal. (I know this doesn’t sound like those sales letters you get hit up with that say some 17 year old or 70 year old made $8,923 gazillion dollars in less than 48 hours...and you can, too!)

But seriously! Think about this.

This one twitter account will probably make an average of $50 per month just sending traffic straight to sales letters, and I’ll get emails! So, let’s say just rough figuring that I double the $50 per month. And, this one account generates $100 per month.

Okay, cut that in half just to be conservative.


So, set up 100 of these and I’m making $60k per year…ON TOTAL FREAKING PASSIVE AUTOPILOT! 200 of these and I’m making $120k per year.

That’s the vision I have for this. Hope you catch that vibe!


What I’ve Been Listening To While Working


Okay, this has nothing to do with making money online, internet marketing, or network marketing. Having said that…Some friends of mine turned me on to the remake of Hawaii Five-0. I started watching it and loved it. In Episode 5 of Season 1, there’s a burial scene that’s just beautiful. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so if you have Netflix or something, just go watch it.

Anywho…one of the things that makes the scene so enchanting is the music. I saw the episode again recently with my wife and daughter. Afterwards I looked up online who sang the song at the end. It’s a Hawaiian singer named IZ.

You can see the cover of the album above. I thought the song was so wonderful that I bought it on iTunes.


Is Solopreneuring Right For You?


The Urban Dictionary defines the word “solopreneur” thusly: “An entrepreneur who works alone, “solo,” running their business single-handedly. They might have contractors for hire, yet have full responsibility for the running of their business. ”

I personally have been a solopreneur for close to five years now. I wouldn’t change anything about this workstyle, but it does have its issues. (Believe me, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks by a margin of about ten to one.) Having said all of that, I would like to talk about solopreneuring. A few pitfalls that I have encountered. And, how you can possibly avoid these pitfalls.

Hopefully, this article will help you decide to jump in and solopreneur yourself, or at least give you enough information so that you decide to pass it up and move on to something else.

Let’s start off by talking about my history and how I got into solopreneuring.

A Bit Of History

You can read more about me here on the About Page on this website. In a nutshell, let me tell you my story.

I have a varies career history, but for some crazy reason it breaks up into sales and marketing, on the one hand, and teaching, on the other. My last “job” was as a mathematics teacher at the high school level. I loved teaching, but hated a few things too!

Specifically, I hated being in a big organization. Especially the public school system, which is more like a giant Alice In Wonderland clone than a real educational system. I was closer than I wanted to be to the nonsense, too, because I let my much loved principal talk me into being the department head, It’s amazing how few levels you have to rise in Education Land to get into a Strawberry Fields world, where “nothing is real”. Just for the record, I adored the teaching part!

While being a teacher, though, I discovered that you could do more with the Internet than just send emails. I discovered the whole world of internet marketing. For a few years, still while teaching, I made extra money mainly as an Amazon affiliate. Interestingly, as I made more and more money as an Amazon affiliate, what I call my Inner Entrepreneur started screaming to be let loose.

One summer about five years ago, I just couldn’t take it any more. I was slated to go back to work in a few weeks. I picked up the phone and called my vice principal. I told her I wasn’t returning.


But then…how was I going to make money?

What I Do As A Solopreneur

As soon as I hung up the phone, my mind went into overdrive trying to formulate a game plan. I already had, kinda sorta, a game plan. I mean, I had been dreaming about this day for literally a few years.

I took stock of my skills, search engine optimization, a certain skill with what was then called Google Places, and I had a ton of online writing experience. (I had over 700 articles published on EzineArticles. I still make money from them, after all this time!)

So, I went into business helping local businesses navigate the Internet. Didn’t take me long to land my first client, either. About 2 hours in fact. I did this by cold calling local opticians to see who needed work on their website or Google Places listing. Why opticians? Who knows? But I got an appointment that same day, and the next day I walked out of the appointment with an $800 check in my hand.

We’ll talk at the end of this about what you can take away from all of this. Having said that, I think taking massive action will top the list!

Problems With Solopreneuring

Now I was my own boss! I could set my own hours, and work as much or as little as I wanted to.

Well…one thing is I worked way more than I did in my job. Of course, not having a 45 minute commute each way helped. And, not having to wake up and shower and shave until mid-day helped, too! The thing about working in your pj’s is really true. It’s very appealing!

Handling fulfillment and prospecting for new business was an issue though. I would normally get a client, then forget about sales and marketing while I worked on that client’s project. After I was done, I had nothing in the pipeline.

That still goes on, by the way, but in a much more manageable form.

Another issue was just my inexperience running a business. And since I was a solopreneur, I really didn’t have anyone to talk to about it. I made all the classic mistakes, besides forgetting the keep the marketing funnel filled, that is. Everything from not putting aside nearly enough for my taxes to getting so lost in new projects that I lost site of the main goal.

I course corrected. I worked hard to overcome the challenges. I still do! I wouldn’t change this for the world, though.

My main business, which is a product creation business in the Internet marketing niche, has allowed me to have a lifestyle I only before dreamed of. It’s also been responsible for me making friends with really cool people from all over the world. (You see, there are others like me and we tend to find each other via social media.)

Had I to do it all over again, I would definitely do it all over again!

Taking The Plunge

So, you’re still here! You’re still reading this! Well, I’m guessing that might mean that this topic is of interest to you. The big question people ask me is how do they cross the proverbial abyss and go from employment to fulfilling self-employment?

I would love to answer that question! Truth is, I don’t know!

Me? I just got fed up and decided to throw caution to the wind and take the plunge. I can’t in good conscience recommend that you do that. I personally landed on my feet and thrived. I don’t know if you will.

Tell you want, though. There is someone you can ask about this. Yourself! One of the big things I’ve learned being a solorpreneur is to trust my intuition. It has never let me down. If you’re interested in this, I would suggest you sit down in a quiet place and just ask yourself who it is you want to be and what is it that you want to do with your life? The answers will come (along with the means) as soon as you start honestly seeking them.


Email Marketing Is Not Dead!

email pixabay cc

If you thought email marketing was dead, you need to watch this video! It’s not dead at all, but very much alive! As a matter of fact, for virtually every business I know of, email  marketing is the cornerstone, or could be the cornerstone, of their online marketing efforts.

Watch this quick video I shot about why email marketing is just as important to your business today as it was a couple of years ago…even more!


Covert PBN Secrets

covert pbn secrets cover

Covert PBN Secrets is all about how we build and use PBN’s (Private Blog Networks) in our own businesses to rank web pages.

You might have thought the days of ranking websites without a huge SEO budget were over with…Not So!

Our own Mike Jones is an expert at this. He’s got many, many sites ranked for some very competitive, money making keywords that feed into his and his clients’ offline businesses.

What Mike uses is a thing called a Private Blog Network.

Now…this has nothing to do with the public networks you heard about a year or so ago. This is an entirely different thing. Basically, you build these (easy and quick) then you use them just to rank your own stuff, or a dedicated client’s stuff.

Right now, we have this available for sale just to our past customers. There’s a timer on the sales page, and when that runs out, we pull the product. Just fair warning!

Click Here To Buy And/Or Learn More!

Become A YouTube Affiliate Marketing Expert!

Personally, in my own businesses, I use YouTube for a bunch of different

1. I have clients who pay me for onling video marketing campaigns

2. I use video in my own product creation business…And…

3. I use video for affiliate marketing

Do I know everything? No!

Do I know how to make money with video? Yes!

This weekend, I had a killer idea!

I know a lot of my peeps would really love to learn how to create passive income streams using video.

We’re talking YouTube videos that link out to affiliate products.

Passive, recurring, repeatable income!

I’ve decided to teach a class all about how to do this.

I shot a quick video for you explaining this whole concept. What the class will be like, when it starts, how much it is.

Just click that link to see the video.

PS: There’s going to be a lot of “secret sauce” in this class. I’m revealing stuff that I personally use, but have never taught! I’m really excited about sharing this with you!

PPS: Classes are Tuesday evenings, 8pm Eastern. Everything will be recorded.

How To Protect Your YouTube Account!

It’s incredibly important that you protect your YouTube account!

Look at this screenshot from within my own account.

screen shot of inside yt acct

You want your Community Guidelines, Copyright Strikes, and Content ID Claims to all be green dots. Why? If they’re not, you’ll lose some very important features of your account, such as your ability to link out from within the video, access to YouTube’s Partner Program and more!

How do you protect your account?

Well, one thing is to read the Community Guidelines and also YouTube’s TOS’s. But, there’s more to it than just that. (You can download a report below that I sold a while back that goes into more detail.)

One really, really important thing is not to use copyrighted material in your videos. That includes images, music, text, other video clips, etc.

A lot of folks get copyright strikes, for instance from the music they use. Just because you downloaded  music from a site that “says” it’s copyright free, or in public domain, doesn’t mean that it actually is!

In many cases, YouTube will flag music automatically! You’ll risk losing access to the features I mentioned, and/or just lose the whole account! (Look it! This can get a whole lot worse! You can actually get sued for using music and other media you had every reason to believe was not copyrighted, but actually was!)

It ain’t worth it!

So, how do you avoid this?

As I said, you want to avoid copyrighted media. As far as music is concerned, I use music that I know for certain is not copyrighted. There are several places to buy music where you get the rights to use it online as you see fit.

This particular product, Prime Audio Tracks, which you see below, is one of my favorites!

prime audio tracksAs I said, you want media you can trust! As far as music, this product, Prime Audio Tracks, is put out by a very trustworthy friend of mine, James Carter.

James is a pro, and is one of the few people I would actually trust for something as important as royalty free music.

My YouTube account is just too important to me to trust just anybody. Not to mention the fact that I studiously avoid lawsuits of any kind. They’re way to stressful and expensive!

To get Prime Audio Tracks, just click the link or the picture, above!


So you can learn more about how to protect your YouTube account, I’m offering you my report, Protect Your YouTube Account, for free! Just click that link and you’ll download a zip file with the report in PDF form inside.

Read that report! And take to heart what it says! I lost a very nice YouTube account a year or so ago. It took some time to figure out why, because I didn’t actually infringe any of the community guidelines or TOS’s of YouTube. I’ve detailed the whole thing in that report, so you can avoid the problem that caused me to lose my whole account!